An almost final program is available here. Note that it may slightly change due to presenters availabilities.  We also want to remind you about the following social events.

  • Monday: tutorial will also take place at the innovation center
  • Monday at 19h: welcome cocktail (St-Nicolas place: access map)
  • Tuesday at 19h: town hall reception
  • Thursday: banquet dinner
Instruction for oral presentation

Each presentation is scheduled to be 20 minutes long, including questions. Instruction to chairman is to leave

  • 15 minutes for the presentation itself
  • 5 minutes for questions/discussions
  • If authors also have a poster, they can put it with the other posters, and mention that there is a poster during the presentation
Instruction for poster only presentation

A specific room will be devoted to posters, which can be displayed during the complete conference week. Instructions for spotlight presentations and posters are as follows:

  • Spotlight presentations should be 5 minutes long. Questions can then be asked at the corresponding posters (no questions after presentations)
  • Display boards can easily accomodate A0 poster size, provided it is in portrait format.